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ECCO Track 25
Outdoor Collection
Was £155.00 Now £124.00
Mono Filio Glass Teapot Large 1.5L with Integrated Warmer
Design: Tassilo von Grolmann 1983-1998 The large mono teapot with an integrated warmer built into the base. Simply place a lit tea light on the base and serve warm tea until the pot is emptyTo brew perfect tea, place your favourite tea in the stainless steel mesh sieve, and watch the leaves unfold freely, as they release their aroma. Remove the sieve to stop the brewing processHigh grade 18/10 stainless...

Pineapple (simple variants)
Special Cake
short description goes here
Was £25.00 Now £12.00

Paradox Tea Timer (various colours)Paradox Tea Timer (various colours)
Paradox Tea Timer (various colours)
Paradox Tea Timer
Citrus Fruit (variant images)Citrus Fruit (variant images)
Citrus Fruit (variant images)
Nice juicy oranges

Pomegranate (variants as list)Pomegranate (variants as list)
Pomegranate (variants as list)
g sg sdg sdg
from £0.99
Gift Voucher
Gift Voucher
from £5.00

Pumpkin (made to order)Pumpkin (made to order)
Best Seller
Pumpkin (made to order)


Was £4.99 Now from £3.99

Yumiko Tea Caddy 150g
Tea caddies with amazingly tactile embossed graphics in three complimentary colourways which will look great on any kitchen counter Also Sold Separately Available as a set of three
Was £22.00 Now £19.00

Ronnefeldt Masala Chai
Ronnefeldt Golden Curcuma Chai

Tea Hamper
Chai Tea Selection Hamper
Was £35.35 Now from £23.95
Ronnefeldt Joy of Tea Masala Chai Tea Bags
Ronnefeldt Joy of Tea Masala Chai Tea Bags
Aromatic spices and tea - an indian classic. Poweful Assam expertly blended with exotic spices. As mysterious and delicious as the country itself. Sold in a pack which contains 15 servings of 4.3g each. Each portion is individually wrapped in an aroma protection sachet for perfect freshness. Brewing time: 5 mins

Wooden Tea Box Window Lid - Caffeine Free Teabag CollectionWooden Tea Box Window Lid - Caffeine Free Teabag Collection
Wooden Tea Box Window Lid - Caffeine Free Teabag Collection
Caffeine-free teabags in a delightful wooden tea box 

Ronnefeldt Tea Glass 0.32L
Ronnefeldt Tea Glass 0.32L
A shapely tall, slender tea glass , with a white semi transparent Ronnefeldt Logo lettering. A great way to drink your tea without burning your fingers. Also great for drinking your Matcha Cocktails. Holds approx. 320ml of tea.

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