Cup of Tea Today

  • Cup of Tea is run in a beautiful rural head office in Somerset
  • We sell over 200 teas on our website
  • We provide over 60 zero waste shops and 40 hotels with our delicious loose-leaf tea and accessories
  • Our teas are delivered all over the world
  • We are Organic Certified

Q&A with Owners of Cup and Tea, Simon and Christine


Tell us a bit about yourselves and how you came to own and run Cup of Tea?
We both have a sales and marketing background and Christine had worked for Ronnefeldt Tea in Germany before meeting Simon and moving to the UK. It was a natural choice to become the UK distributor of the Ronnefeldt range.


Why tea?
We have tried many other products over the years including coffee beans and hot chocolate but we know now that it’s best to stick to what we know best.


What tea products do you offer?
All kinds of teas and infusions; black tea, green tea, white tea, Oolongs, herbal, fruit and hopefully everything you need to brew and serve it perfectly.


You sell your tea products online as well as wholesale. What do you want potential wholesalers to know about your business?
We only sell traditionally produced (known as Orthodox) teas. These are usually hand-picked for the very best quality. Our trade customers can expect friendly, fast service including a range of organic certified teas packed in plain paper bags.


Do you offer support to trade customers who want to sell or serve your products?
Yes, we offer free tea training to all of our trade customers. We know it costs the same to brew and serve the tea perfectly as it does to do it badly. For retail shops it’s important they can offer teas with confidence.


What challenges did you face when you launched Cup of Tea?
We launched one of the first online shops in the UK in 2003. Online selling was in its’ infancy back then so there was a steep learning curve!


What advice do you have for others who want to start their own business?
Focus on what you know best. Your customers will pick up on your passion.


What sets Cup of Tea apart from other tea companies?
A huge range of brilliant teas and accessories and a friendly, open approach to our business. Many of our online customers frequently speak to us directly for advice on tea – or sometimes just for a chat ????


What are your favourite teas?
Assam in the morning and Darjeeling in the afternoon. Don’t tell anyone but we do have a cup of coffee after dinner (made from the best espresso beans of course).