Job Title: Cup of Tea Director – King of all Things Tea!

Favourite Tea: Spring Darjeeling Organic – Tender and flowery Darjeeling first flush tea. Refreshing and relaxing.




Job Title: Cup of Tea Director – Queen of all Things Tea!

Favourite Tea: Assam Bari – A classic Assam, malty, spicy and with an extravagant, lively taste.




Job Title: Trade Operations Co-ordinator. Charlene looks after all our wonderful trade customers. Hotels, cafes, zero waste shops, Charlene is in charge of taking orders and delivering our delicious teas to our trade customers.

Favourite Tea: Bancha Organic – Refreshing, tart Japanese green tea 


Job Title: Marketing and E-commerce Co-ordinator. Charlotte looks after our marketing, image photography and our Cup of Tea website. She also works closely with our freelance graphic designer and social media co-ordinator to design our lovely Cup of Tea emails and social assets.

Favourite Tea: Best Balance – Flavoured herbal infusion with the taste of honey


Job Title: Retail Operations Co-ordinator. Alex is in charge of picking and packing our gorgeous teas and accessories and sending them out to our lovely retail customers. Any customer query Alex is your lady!

Favourite Tea: Sweet Pi Lo Chun Organic – Delightful green tea with hints of light fruitiness


Job Title: Accountant. Sarah looks after all the money! She is in charge of all invoices and payments for Cup of Tea and all our customers.

Favourite Tea: Rhubarb Cream – A creamy, sweet, caffeine free, rhubarb infusion.


Job Title: Copywriter & Social Media Co-ordinator. Alicja looks after all Cup of Tea’s social channels. She also writes all our wonderful blogs for the website.

Favourite Tea: Earl Grey Organic - A first class Earl Grey tea scented with natural bergamot oil.


Job Title: Graphic Designer. Jade designs all our gorgeous Cup of Tea emails, as well as all website headers and social assets.

Favourite Tea: