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Explanation: Hero Sequence Blocks

These blocks are a series of rotating images that can be put anywhere on a page. Each can have their own link. 


This page lists every time of Content Block available on a Modular Page. It gives you a guide for how to set things up, and what is possible. The key thing is to remember the type of content available for each block (text/image/video/link).

We can restyle any of that content for you, adding frames, changing the font, overlaying title text on top of an image, adding mouseover effects, etc. 

Any content block can be set to 'Hidden', 'Mobile Only', 'Desktop Only' or 'Full Visibility'.

Explanation: Text Blocks

A text block is a block which contains text. It can be bold or italicised as you need.

You can also have a list, and like every Block, you can adjust the width:

  • 25%
  • 33%
  • 50%
  • 66%
  • 75%
  • 100%

Text can be left aligned,

centred on the page,

or aligned to the right.

And you can add a horizontal line

within the text. 

You can also add buttons to these Text Blocks

Text Block

This is a block with 'Collapsible' ticked

Text Block

This is another block with 'Collapsible' ticked

Explanation: Image Blocks

Image Blocks are purely used as static images on the page, although it is possible to add a title and a link. These will always show in the aspect ratio of the uploaded image. The width of the block is set on the page, so that means that the heights of the images can vary - careful editing is required offline. 

Image Block (1)
Custom alt text can be entered

Image Block (2)
Custom alt text can be entered
Explanation: Feature Blocks

Feature Blocks are an SEO friendly block with a combination of a single image and text. A link can also be added.

Iconography Ecommerce will ensure that all Feature Blocks on a single row have the same maximum height for consistency. 

Feature Block (1)

You can add text

This is a link

Feature Block (3)

You can add text

This is a link

Feature Block (2)

You can add text

This is a link

Explanation: Product Blocks

Product Blocks allow you to add products directly into Modular Pages. These are selected within the CMS and may have a title. 

Product Block

Pumpkin (made to order)Pumpkin (made to order)
Best Seller
Pumpkin (made to order)
Was £4.99 Now from £3.99

Explanation: Video Blocks

Video Blocks let you add a video to a page. You can add a title, and choose from Vimeo or Youtube. 

Video Block

Explanation: Raw HTML Block

This can be used to embed any number of useful elements into your website. The most common example is a Google Map, shown below.